Join Women’s Mobilization at AIDS 2012

The Women’s Organizing Committee of the We Can End AIDS Mobilization invites all International AIDS Conference participants and community members to join women and girls in making waves on Tuesday, July 24th. The “women’s arm” of the mobilization will be demanding reproductive justice, sexual rights and an end to gender based violence. Please join the mobilization and amplify the voices of girls and women, including gender queer and transgender girls and women across the world, in a call to end the war on girls and women!

When: Tuesday, July 24th at Noon
Where: Meet outside the Global Village in the Washington D.C. Convention Center (9th Street and Massachusetts Avenue).

The march will pass in front of the White House and return to the convention center.

If you can, come prepared: bring turquoise and ocean blue ribbons, scarves, flags, and fabric to wave throughout the streets of D.C. Bring any noisemakers you have (like tambourines and maracas) and your outside voice to help us chant down the streets of DC. At the end of the march, we’ll be tying our panties (bring an extra pair!) with red ribbon and waving them in the air.

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