About Us

Founded in 2005, The National Women and AIDS Collective’s (NWAC) mission is to advocate and build the capacity of women-led and serving organizations and programs to work in partnership with women impacted by HIV/AIDS in order to improve their overall health and quality of life. NWAC goals, in support of its mission:

  1. Strive to reduce gender equities in an effort to achieve optimal health outcomes for women.
  2. Improve the health and social well being of women through public policy, advocacy and service.
  3. Develop the capacity and leadership of member organizations and women living with HIV to continue to deliver life-saving services and engage in policy work that enhances organizational integrity and community well being.
  4. Facilitate and participate in multi-disciplinary collaborations among organizations and leaders who are striving to address the social and health inequalities of women living in the US.

The aforementioned goals are achieved by NWAC’s commitment to:

Engage in Public Policy and Advocacy
NWAC advocates for changes in federal, state, and local HIV/AIDS policies that prioritizes the full acknowledgement and recognition of the socioeconomic, biomedical, and behavioral factors that lead to HIV vulnerability and acquisition among women.

Provide Capacity Building Assistance (CBA)
Ongoing capacity building is essential to the adaptation and sustainability of organizations so they can successfully implement service mandates set forth by government and funding entities. NWAC will provide gender tailored CBA and leadership development opportunities to women-led and serving organizations and programs which enable them to adapt and thrive.

Participate in Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations
Work in partnership with liked minded efforts to ensure that federal and state agencies charged with overseeing health policy and services move forth with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, National HIV/AIDS Strategy and other important national initiatives.