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Increasing HIV Health Literacy to Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation in the United States: 2015 Webinar Series

To stay healthy, women living with HIV and women vulnerable to HIV require services from a health literate and culturally competent workforce. Often times it is the front-line (greeters, receptionists) and community (outreach worker, educators, community health workers and case managers) of community-based HIV organizations that these women come in contact with first before seeing primary and specialty care staff. Their understanding of the science of HIV is critically important for prevention, care and treatment. The goal of our four-part webinar series is to improve linkage and retention to care for women by improving HIV-related health literacy among employees at women-led and focused community-based HIV organizations (CBHO) and programs across the U.S. and its territories.

For more information and to access the presentation slide decks click here: Capacity Building

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