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Increasing Health Literacy to Achieve an AIDS-free Generation in the United States:

Since the release of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS), the nation has made gains in reducing new HIV infections for certain population groups, including women; however, in order to build upon this progress, women must continue to have access to effective, innovative gender-specific  Read More

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SAVE THE DATE Sisters-in-Service: New Technical Assistance Webinar Series for Organizations Serving Women

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The Challenge of “Getting to Zero”

Getting to zero new HIV infections is a laudable goal hampered by the Sequester’s destruction of our HIV service delivery system and fragile social net. The Challenge of Getting to Zero

Strengthening organizations’ ability to support women in creating and maintaining healthy lives, families and communities.

Restore and Increase OWH OMH HIV Funding for Women and Minorities

About Us

Founded in 2005, The National Women and AIDS Collective’s (NWAC) mission is to advocate and build the capacity of women-led and serving organizations and programs to work in partnership with women impacted by HIV/AIDS in order to improve their overall health and quality of life.

Board of Directors

Liz Brosnan (Chair)
Executive Director
Christie’s Place
San Diego, CA

Cynthia Cary-Grant (Vice-Chair)
Executive Director
Oakland, CA

Ingrid Floyd (Secretary) Executive Director
Iris House
New York, NY

Sylvia Lopez (Treasurer)
Program Manager
Women Rising Project
A project of AIDS Services of Austin, TX
Austin, TX

Zina Age
Executive Director
ANIZ, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Sherri Henigan
Executive Director
Women Together for Change
St. Croix, VI

Vanessa Johnson
Co-Owner and Manager
Ribbon Consulting Group, LLC
Washington, DC